How to Spa: The Honest Edition

“Places devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit”

After reading this definition by the International Spa Association, all I am thinking is “When can I go?”

Unfortunately to many people, the idea of visiting a spa is a daunting one. What to bring, what to book and what to expect can get in the way of what should be pure escapism. A spa visit should essentially be an experience that allows you to leave any anxieties at the door and leave feeling a lot better than when you walked in. My entire professional career has been in luxury spas so I’m hoping to break down some stigmas below.

Who should visit the Spa?

1 Those in need of rest and relaxation (which in 2018 is a huge percentage of the population, pretty much everyone)

It can be so difficult to stay mindful in this crazy, busy life that we all live in. It’s so easy to focus on the future or have thoughts stuck in the past and miss out on what today can offer. The spa is such a great place to think only of the here and now.

2 Ready to Detox?

If you’re in the midst of a health kick or just about to start one, this is an amazing place to do so. Kick off your journey with a detoxifying treatment to better your results or give you a motivation boost if experiencing a lull in your journey.

3 Spa Socialising?

If you need to spend some time with loved ones. The spa is a great place to rest and maintain any relationships you care about. An area free from distractions allows you to chill and talk away from the noise of daily life.


I can guarantee that everyone benefits from a true day off. If you haven’t tried it, try it. Your mind and body will thank you.

Types of spas?

There are so many variations and very few regulating bodies so make sure you do your research. Trip advisor will become your best friend.

• Day Spas – These can be hidden gems, look for one that’s away from the fray if you want a tranquil vibe. Day Spas are usually a little cheaper than Resort or Destination Spas but it doesn’t mean that the treatments are any less amazing. My only tip is that if booking a treatment particularly a facial, check for a reputable brand – even if it’s not a famous one, do your research to check you would actually like it on your skin. I believe that the facilities can add or detract so much from your day, so make sure you check them before you book if you’re expecting time to relax before and after your treatment.

• Resort Spas – These are usually a little more lavish than the typical day spa and typically boast superior facilities. Usually these host big product houses that hopefully have products as luxurious as their treatments and facilities. When visiting, ask for their signature treatments as they will be unique to the spa your visiting and are usually pretty special.

• Destination Spas – Dedicated purely to wellness and wellbeing. These are the ones to visit if you’re looking for a health overhaul. Whether it’s mental rejuvenation or a change to your body, a retreat at a destination spa will do the trick!

• Medical Spas- These are usually a blend of a day spa and a medical centre. Ideally these spas should be under the supervision of a medical doctor and you should always proceed with caution when booking a treatment like this. Examples of treatments in Medical Spas are chemical peels, Botox and fillers.



Things to bear in mind?

• Feel free to ask for a tour before booking. Check out the heat experiences, pool area and relaxation rooms to see if they meet your standard.

• Leave time before your treatment to enjoy the facilities. I always like to spend a couple of hours relaxing here before my treatment. Make sure you get the most from your day by turning up at least an hour before. Just ensure you have a shower before your treatment, nobody wants to massage a sweaty guest!

• Don’t bring any valuables – leave your jewellery and expensive clothes at home or in the hotel room safe. When you’re in the jacuzzi or having a massage, your mind won’t be relaxed if you’re wondering where your things are plus it’s easy to mislay your things when super relaxed.

• Communicate with your therapist – when experiencing your treatment let them know if you need anything. Temperature, positioning on the bed, pressure of the treatment and the music can be easily rectified and can make a huge difference. They are professionals whose sole aim is your wellbeing, so let them know if at all uncomfortable.

• Continue to look after yourself when you get home. Don’t be pressured to buy but listen to your therapist’s advice as they will know your skin better than most after performing your treatment.

• Leave the products on your skin for as long as you can. Avoid the heat experiences, showering and make up for the whole day if possible.

What not to worry about?

What your body looks like. Lumps and bumps, body hair, unpainted nails – these are things that your therapist will not even notice let alone comment on.

Outside life! Leave your phone in the locker. Visiting a spa should be about escapism so if you’re locked into social media, it’ll be difficult to switch off from the daily buzz. I love a spa snap but take one and then put your phone away. If you’re someone who finds it difficult to meditate, nap or have zero entertainment, bring a book or a magazine.

Bringing lots of things! Minimal clutter, minimal stress. Double check with the spa but most spas worth their salt will provide robes, slippers and any amenities you may need. Just make sure you bring your swimming costume and a hairbrush.

• And finally, let them take care of you. This is what we’re good at, take it all in!

Dear readers. Please let me know if you would like any more spa secrets revealed. Another idea I have is to delve a little further into treatment explanations with you all so you can understand exactly what a spa is offering and whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not!

Thanks so much for reading.

Jasmine xo.


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  1. Lucy
    May 24, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    Very clear. It can be daunting, but this is simple and reassuring…

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