Skincare in stages: Skincare in your 20s’


It’s been happening for years and it continues to be an issue. Most articles, time and money focus on one thing in skincare – anti ageing. Although most of us hope for skin that manages to make us proud as we move through the years, anti-ageing advice should not be the only topic we focus on.

So, for my next series of blogs, I will be focusing on writing tips to keep your skin as healthy and vibrant as possible during the different stages of your life – starting with your 20s’

Before I begin however, I want to make my intention crystal clear – I truly believe that the advice I give is fluid. When deciding what is best for your skin, it is far better to really notice how your skin looks and feels before deciding on the products or routine that is best for you. If you’re in your 20s’ then I hope the advice below helps, if you’re 40 and your skin hasn’t changed much since then:

One- Lucky You!      Two – Happy Reading!

Top Tips for Skincare in your 20s’

  1. Have your first facial

Oooooh what a lovely start. I highly recommend booking your first facial if you haven’t already. Make sure the spa or salon is reputable, using a product brand that you like the sound of and make sure you enjoy it. To a good facial therapist, their skincare is as routine to them as brushing their teeth. It’s not a luxury but a necessity and this is how you must begin to think of your skin. Sure you’ll have a few lazy days but after a good consultation and facial, you should know exactly how you need to proceed. Ask lots of questions, make sure your therapist writes everything down and then go home and do your research. Ask the question “Which of these products that you’ve recommended will WOW me?” Then decide whether you’d like to treat yourself or not.

  1. Start as you mean to go on – Establish that routine.

Once you’ve done your research or met with your therapist, it’s time to establish a routine. My advice would be to begin simply and build it up as you best see fit. The most important thing is that the products you use are good quality with environmentally friendly ingredients.


  1. Leave your skin squeaky clean

Double cleansing is not a fad, it works. Simply because with the first cleanse you remove all make up and surface dirt which then allows the second cleanse to work deeper. The second cleanse will then remove the really yucky things like sweat, bacteria, dead skin and air borne pollutants (think of the majority of things that cause spots!).

Ideally your first cleanse should be with an oil based cleanser such as a balm, micellar cleanser or cleansing oil to effectively remove make up and debris. Your second cleanse should then be with a water based cleanser such as a milk to remove every last bit of grime for squeaky clean skin.

To get the most from your cleanse, treat it as you would your teeth. Spend a little more time and reap the rewards. Have a little look at a couple of my favourites below…

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  1. Ditch the wipes

This advice is not going anywhere – no matter how many Z-List celebrities endorse them, the facts remain the same. Skin wipes are usually bad for your skin and even worse for the environment. Cleansing with skincare wipes has been likened to washing your clothes without rinsing the suds off and I have to say I agree. Facial wipes remove a little but mostly smear whatever make-up and dirt is on the skin and don’t properly remove anything. Ditch the wipes, if the potential damage to your skin doesn’t put you off – Google the “Fatberg” that was found in London last year – a huge part of this build up was non-biodegradable wipes.

    5. Begin at home facial massage

When applying oils or serum, always sweep up. Any kneading and lifting movements will help in the long run. One of the easiest and trendiest way to do this is with a crystal roller, commonly jade or rose quartz. After you apply your facial oil, serum or moisturiser-  roll the tool upwards for only a minute each day and expect skin that looks like it’s had a workout


     6. Start with the SPF

I am the worst at this and have finally started listening as it’s advice that should not be ignored. Wrinkles and pigmentation are in partnership with the sun and unfortunately one leads to another. Ensure you apply it every day. Any strength is better than none however if you are worrying, ensure you wear a minimum of a factor 30 to give you good protection. I usually buy a make up primer with sun protection included but will link a couple that I like below…

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     7. Look for the antioxidants

Protect your skin through the use of antioxidants in your skincare. Vitamin and A and E are fantastic ingredients to help protect your skin.  Eat the same antioxidants in your diet that you use in your skincare. Pomegranate, walnuts, blueberries and broccoli will help keep the gorgeous vitality in your skin that you should be proud of.



  1. Prevention rather than cure.

With anything, the earlier you start – the better. Ageing is a beautiful thing that gives you stories and experiences which hopefully are showcased through smile lines as we grow older. Keep a good routine, keep caring for yourself through rest, exercise and diet and embrace the changes you see.

As always please like, comment and share should you find this interesting. If you have any questions or would like any guidance, please comment below or e-mail and I will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

Jasmine xo.



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