The Mindful Touch by Natura Bissé

In 2018, holistic well-being is finally being given the attention it deserves with most spa and skincare companies not only looking at external appearance but also focusing on inner health, both mental and physical.  It is well accepted now that to feel beautiful, we at first have to be comfortable with the person we are and this to me, is truly the purpose of spa.

Natura Bisse created the “Mindful Touch” treatment to try to connect the power of touch with a true sense of mindfulness and it certainly was different.

My first thought was “Wow, this is new to me!” but I couldn’t wait to give virtual reality a go. As I was in Dubai, the land of innovation, I was excited to experience a taste of the modern spa. Pair virtual reality with reflexology and I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

What is it to be Mindful?


So to make it super clear, it’s living in the moment. Being mindful is about being present and accepting everything your six senses are telling you ( I know the five senses are commonly recognised but intuition is the sixth and truly one of the most important, in my opinion!)

How was my experience?

My therapist gave me a brief explanation of the treatment to allow me to understand the benefits, she mentioned that the goggles would be placed over my eyes and a short video would play. My therapist asked me to focus on the screen and try to concentrate as much as possible.

My therapist made me comfortable by placing a pillow under my head, a throw on my legs with the extra support of a bolster under my knees. I already felt ready to drift off, then the video began to play…

As the imagery began, showcasing cosmic visuals, yantras and relaxing landscapes – I felt it was the only thing I could focus on. Although my mind wandered a couple of times, it was easy to refocus as the video played. While I watched the video, my therapist expertly began the treatment and applied pressure to my body in time with the voice on the video. I realised I was enjoying it but as technology is not usually my favourite thing,  I decided it wasn’t for me – that was until the video stopped….


When the video stopped, the therapist removed the goggles and began the reflexology. Normally it takes me 15-20 minutes for my mind to settle and stop thinking of work and the never-ending to do list of life however this time it was different. I was able to concentrate and I felt completely connected to the here and now.

As the reflexology continued, so did the voice and it helped me to guide my breathing and remain present. The aim of the treatment is to increase positive thinking, reduce cortisol and to introduce people to mindfulness. It ticked all three boxes for me!

As my treatment came to an end, I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time and realised I had truly enjoyed my first virtual reality experience. Natura Bissé pair the mindful touch with many facial and body treatments and I can see why. When the mind is relaxed, the muscles follow suit making all treatments more effective. Mindful Touch is a perfect introduction to mindfulness and meditation and a really great thing to try should you focus too much on the past or worry about the future – it really helped me enjoy the moment.

Natura Bissé have a host of holistic treatments in their portfolio. Their oxygen bubble is next on my to do list, this is a pop up bubble filled with 99.995% pure oxygen that will leave you and your skin as rejuvenated as possible.  The main thing I took away from the Mindful touch however was to ensure I introduce a little bit of mindfulness into my everyday.

With Mindfulness in mind, I will commit to..

  • Practising gratitude – thinking of things everyday that I’m truly thankful for.
  • Remember to meditate – at least 10 minutes a day
  • Begin a mental detox – work through my to do lists and spend less time procrastinating (especially on my phone!)

What are your tips on practising mindfulness? Have you tried virtual reality?

Let me know your thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Lots of love,

Jasmine xo.

P.S – See below for info on where you can experience it!

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